October 29, 2017
Child Support

Child Support

A. Do I have to pay child support? Ontario’s Family Law Act and the Federal Divorce Act both state that every parent has an […]
October 1, 2017
Obtaining a restraining order

Psychological Harm – Enough to Obtain a Restraining Order

  Put simply, a restraining order limits what a person can do. Restraining orders commonly prevent a respondent from coming within a certain […]
August 6, 2017

Divorce Courts in Canada Typically See Family Pets as Property rather than a Subject Involving Custodial Orders

  Marriage involves a lot of tangible and intangible things and when it fails it’s usually a tedious process to take possession of […]
June 4, 2017
High Income Spousal Support

Spousal Support Guidelines and High Income Earners

If you are a high-income earner and separating, you at some point would have thought about how much amount of spousal amount you […]
April 24, 2017

20 Divorcees Reveal the One Thing They Wish They Knew Sooner

  Divorces are not a bed of roses and that’s a given. Families are not torn apart and children are left to feel […]
March 29, 2017


  Can I move out of the city with my children immediately upon separation. Generally speaking, a parent is allowed to live where […]
March 23, 2017
Child Support

Child Support Owing, Drivers License Suspended, Oh Oh!

Often individuals fall on hard times and fall behind on their child support or spousal support orders and extra- ordinary (section 7) expenses. […]