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FAMILY LAW Lawyer Brampton

Most people in Brampton will experience some kind of contact with family law, which is an area of the law that deals with the relationship between spouses and parents & children. If you get married, divorced, or separated, an experienced family law lawyer in Brampton is crucial. They can help protect your legal rights by ensuring that critical documents, such as separation agreements, are valid.

In Canada, family law is complex because family structures have become more complicated. Aside from the rising divorce rate, common law relationships and same-sex marriages have also become prevalent, which introduce challenges to family law, as intense debates have sparked regarding the interpretation of spousal support.

However, the one thing that’s constant in family law is the stress and emotional toll it takes on all parties involved. The Toronto family lawyers of Nussbaum Law understand what you are going through. Therefore, our focus is to make the experience as cost-effective and smooth as possible.

Barry Nussbaum team
Barry Nussbaum team

Family Law is Not for Amateurs

As we’ve mentioned earlier, family law in Canada is complicated. Depending on the circumstances, a case may fall under federal or provincial jurisdiction. For example, divorce is subject to the provisions of the Divorce Act, which is federal legislation. However, if you live in Brampton or Vaughan, you must follow the judicial processes established in the Ontario Family Law Rules. You will follow a different process if you are in another province or territory.

Ontario doesn’t require you to retain a family law lawyer in Brampton. However, it’s in your best interest to hire, or at least consult with, one to get legal advice so that you are fully apprised of your rights. Unless you have adequate knowledge of family law, you could make catastrophic mistakes that could hurt your case. In fact, even incorrectly filling out the necessary forms could detrimentally affect your legal rights.

The law firm of Nussbaum Law consists of a top-rated team of family and divorce lawyers. We specialize in all family law issues in Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and provide services in several languages. We have associates fluent in English, Dari, Farsi, Konkani, Hindi, Marathi, and Mandarin.

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Find out more about Barry Nussbaum’s “reality-based” approach to family law here.

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. Perhaps because I have an M.B.A. as well as a law degree, value for money is one of my key drivers.

– Barry Nussbaum 


How Can a Family Law Lawyer Help?

Family law matters are civil cases that generally involve issues between spouses, parents, and children.  While family courts in Ontario handle a variety of cases, the most common types of family cases are the following:


A marriage can be terminated either by divorce or an annulment. The family court may also issue separation orders regarding division of property, child custody, and spousal support without dissolving the marriage. If a separation agreement is in place, the court will determine if it’s enforceable. The same holds true for prenuptial agreements.


You might be able to petition the court to order an equalization payment in case of death, separation, or divorce.


A child’s parent can ask the court to determine who the child’s father is.


When the parents of a child are not married, they can ask the court for child support, legal and physical custody, and visitation schedules.


If you or your child are victims of domestic violence, you can petition the family court to issue a  restraining order to keep the perpetrator from coming within 500 meters of you or your child. A restraining order is different from a peace bond, which is an order from a criminal court.


You might be able to petition the court to legally change your name.


You can apply to the family court to take on the responsibility of a child’s financial, medical, and personal decisions. In fact, you can also take guardianship of adults who cannot make those decisions for themselves.


When a parent is unfit to care for, or otherwise poses a danger to, the child, you can petition the court to terminate that parent’s right to have a relationship with the child.


The family court may allow you to adopt a child, which would create a legal parent-child relationship.


The Ontario Court of Justice takes over a case involving child neglect or abuse.

If you need help with these and other legal matters regarding your family, contact a family lawyer from Nussbaum Law in Ontario. We provide legal advice and services to families in Brampton, Mississauga, and the GTA in many areas of family law, including cohabitation agreements.


Nussbaum Law Provides Affordable Solutions

Legal services can be expensive and family court proceedings can take a long time, which piles up billable hours. For example, a divorce lawyer can work on a case for as long as three years. While you can try legal aid to reduce your costs, you’ll only be entitled to legal aid for limited issues, such as domestic violence.

We believe everyone has a right to proper representation in all family law matters. Nussbaum Law strives to keep legal fees and costs to a minimum by quickly resolving our clients’ issues in a cost-effective manner.

However, that does not mean we cut corners. Associates at Nussbaum Law have years of experience and are known to represent clients to the best of their ability. The team drafts and files all necessary documents and conducts the required research to build a strong case. You can be sure that when our law office drafts a separation agreement, it will be valid and enforceable.

Contact a Family Law Lawyer in Brampton

Family law matters and disputes, which are often complex and painful experiences, can overwhelm you. A family law lawyer in Brampton from Nussbaum Law can handle all legal issues and help you resolve disputes so you can move on with your life.

We have years of experience and a team of highly trained family lawyers. We understand the intricacies of legal issues that can cause rifts among family members. Nussbaum Law maintains a friendly and approachable attitude and, therefore, we believe you’ll feel comfortable speaking to us about sensitive issues.If you need legal advice or representation in the Brampton area, feel free to schedule a free consultation. Find out how the family lawyers at Nussbaum Law can help.

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Find a Family Law Lawyer in Brampton.

FAQs on Family Law Lawyer Brampton

The hourly costs for lawyers, whether in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada, can vary greatly with everything from $100 per hour to $650 per hour. When choosing a lawyer, this is rarely a time to be searching for a bargain. Generally, a Toronto family lawyer making upwards of $300/hour is one who has the experience, and that experience can save you far more in the long run.

Having said that, our lawyers at Nussbaum Law charge anywhere between $275.00 to $440.00 (+HST) an hour, without compromising on the expertise and skills required to deal with your case.

You can choose to consult a family law firm and hire a family lawyer at any time, depending on how urgently you need their services. However, it is recommended to hire a family law lawyer from the very inception, as this would allow them to be well versed with your case and may, in turn, lead to faster resolutions.

In Ontario, Family Law issues are covered mainly by provincial legislation. Divorce Law, in contrast, is technically governed by federal legislation in the form of the Divorce Act, which applies equally across Canada.