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Separation & Divorce Lawyers Consultation, Toronto

Divorce & Separation Lawyer in Toronto

Separation and divorce are some of the most emotional and stressful life-altering events you will experience. The team of Toronto divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Law empathizes with you. We will guide you through this stressful time. Our family law lawyers are committed to helping you make your divorce a smooth transition so can start to move forward with your life.

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Meet Our Toronto Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Barry Nussbaum

Barry Nussbaum

Owner, Senior Lawyer

sarah dingwell

Sarah Dingwell

Associate Lawyer

shmuel stern

Shmuel Stern

of Counsel

jessica cohen

Jessica Cohen

Associate Lawyer

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Jotty Gill

Associate Lawyer

afras khattak

Afras Khattak

Associate Lawyer

jonathan korman

Jonathan Korman

Associate Lawyer

Separation Agreement in Ontario

In Ontario, Canada, there are three grounds for divorce:

  • One year of separation
  • Adultery
  • Physical and mental abuse

One year separation is the most common reason people file for divorce in Ontario.


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The divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law in Toronto will help you create a separation agreement, which will outline the terms how you and your spouse will live apart. Most couples try to do this through negotiation or through a mediator. Once you and your spouse have lived apart for a year according to the terms of a separation agreement, you are then granted an uncontested divorce.

We understand that every situation is different and the divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law pride ourselves on providing a personal approach to your family law situation. One goal at our Toronto family law practice is to negotiate a separation agreement and avoid going to court.

Whether you are concerned about child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support, division assets, or mediation, the Toronto divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Law are committed to advocating for your best interest.

Divorce Mediation Toronto

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that involves a neutral third party. This individual or individual is responsible for helping to negotiate a settlement. Unlike arbitration, a mediator does not have any decision-making power. In the case of mediation involving a divorce, a seasoned mediator can help both parties reach a compromise in the form of a settlement. Since family law involves many complex issues such as child custody, spousal support, and the division of assets, such as property, it’s important that you seek out an adept mediator. 

Before any mediation, it is important that both parties are entering into the process voluntarily and in a good frame of mind, as it can be a process that is arduous, at times. The process of mediation can be completed in person or virtually, depending on the desires of each party. Throughout the day offers are presented and the mediator will help to usher the groups toward a reasonable compromise. If a settlement is reached, our firm will draft the necessary settlement documents for your signature.

At Nussbaum Law, we believe it is imperative that a mediator creates an environment in which each party feels empowered with information and in which they know that their voice is valued. Our clients should be able to walk away with a level of emotional relief. 

Let our team of divorce mediation lawyers in Toronto help you reach a reasonable resolution.

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How do I choose a Divorce or Separation Lawyer?

When choosing a divorce or separation lawyer, choose a lawyer that:

  • Speaks plain English. This is to ensure that you are able to understand each step of the legal process; 
  • You are comfortable with. You should be able to share your story openly and honestly. It is only when your lawyer has a full picture of the facts that they will be able to strategize effectively; and
  • Is within your price range. The divorce process can take longer than expected, especially when there are other issues at hand, such as division of property, or coming to an agreement about the children. It is important to ensure that you will be able to afford your lawyer, in order to avoid having to change lawyers mid-way through the divorce process. 

FAQs on Divorce & Separation Lawyer in Toronto

Costs can vary anywhere from, generally, $250 an hour for a new lawyer to upwards of $700 for a more senior and experienced lawyer. The average price of a divorce lawyer, however, will typically depend on the lawyer’s experience and seniority.


In Ontario, a lawyer is not required to file for divorce. However, obtaining legal advice prior to filing for a divorce is beneficial, as a lawyer can explain your rights, obligations and make the process smoother overall. LEARN MORE…

In order to apply for a divorce, you must demonstrate that there has been a breakdown of the marriage and the parties have been separated and living apart for a year. After that, you can file for divorce. Once filed with the court a judge will review the documentation to make sure all of the requirements for divorce have been met. Once the application is granted, your Divorce will then take effect on the 31st day after the Divorce Order was granted.

If both parties agree to divorce you can file a joint application for divorce, which may cut down on wait times.

The process described above is that of a simple divorce, but if there are more contentious issues such as spousal support, child support, and division of property, the process will likely take longer.


The short answer here is yes. Your net worth is especially relevant when determining support calculations and payments. LEARN MORE…

High net-worth divorces are lengthier than ordinary divorces. This is because they involve the division of many costly properties and several valuable assets.

Same sex divorce is legal in Toronto. In fact, once married, the law is blind as to sexual orientation. Accordingly, the same rights and obligations with respect to property division, spousal support, insurance benefits, death benefits, and so on apply equally to same-sex partners and opposite-sex partners upon separation. LEARN MORE…