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Separation and Divorce in Ontario

Separation and divorce is one of the most emotional and stressful life-altering events you will experience. The team of Toronto divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law empathize with you and we will guide you through this stressful time. Our family law lawyers are committed to helping you make your divorce a smooth transition so can start to move forward with your life.

Separation Agreement in Ontario:

In Ontario, Canada, there are three grounds for a divorce:

  • One year of separation
  • Adultery
  • Physical and mental abuse

One year separation is the most common reason people file for divorce in Ontario.
The divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law in Toronto will help you create a separation agreement, which will outline the terms how you and your spouse will live apart. Most couples try to do this through negotiation or through a mediator. Once you and your spouse have lived apart for a year according to the terms of a separation agreement, you are then granted an uncontested divorce.

We understand that every situation is different and the divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law pride ourselves on providing a personal approach to your family law situation. One goal at our Toronto family law practice is to negotiate a separation agreement and avoid going to court.

Whether you are concerned about child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support, division assets, or mediation, the Toronto divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law are committed to advocating for your best interest.

For more information about how our family law lawyers can help with your separation and divorce, contact Nussbaum Family Law to book a free consultation.