Division of Property & Assets

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Division of Property in Ontario

When going through a separation in Ontario, dividing the property and assets accumulated between both parties can be quite difficult. When a marriage ends, family law in Ontario states that property that was acquired during the marriage and still exists at separation must be divided equally between the spouses and any increase in the value must be shared. During this process the more assets a couple has the more complex the laws can be, especially when there are property issues, such as:

  • Stock Investments
  • Significant Investments
  • Business Interests

The Toronto divorce lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law will help advocate for you and ensure your property and assets are protected in the final divorce settlement.

Division of Assets in Ontario

The division of assets is determined in though negotiation. Whatever both parties decide is fair during mediation is how the assets and liabilities will be divided. Assets include personal savings, art, jewelry, furniture, vehicles, and electronic devices.

At Nussbaum Family Law, we understand that every situation is unique. Our Toronto divorce lawyers will listen to and help you negotiate a fair agreement. During mediation, you have an active role in creating a divorce agreement and our family law lawyers will explain how you will be impacted by the decisions made in mediation.

If you have question about division of property or the division of assets, contact Nussbaum Family Law to book a free consultation with one of our divorce lawyers in Toronto.