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ADR in toronto

Litigation is not always necessary. Our lawyers always strive to encourage an amicable resolution, but our first priority is to zealously protect your interests. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to the many ways parties can solve their disagreements outside of


The first step in resolving a dispute often involves informal negotiations between the parties. Parties might come to an agreement themselves, then retain lawyers to help put it on paper.  Alternatively, parties might have counsel negotiate directly with the opposing party on their behalves.  Our lawyers will negotiate tirelessly for you. We strive to keep matters out of court to reduce legal fees and preserve relationships.

Toronto Mediation services

Mediation refers to a process wherein the parties appoint a neutral third party (the mediator)to assist them in reaching an agreement. The mediator assists parties in communicating with each other and finding common ground. Mediation is always voluntary and can be terminated by either party at any time. Mediations often take place without counsel. Our lawyers will explain your rights and responsibilities prior to your mediation, and we will attend with you when necessary.

Toronto Arbitration

Arbitration refers to a process where a third party is hired to make a decision for the disputing parties, which is usually binding. Arbitration operates as an informal court that settles disputes.  However, the arbitrator is limited to deciding on issues that are agreed to in advance by the parties. For example, parties might hire an arbitrator to specifically resolve the issue of property division, but not custody, spousal support, and so on. Once arbitration commences, it cannot be terminated. Our lawyers will explain your rights and
obligations if you are considering arbitration.

ADR is not appropriate for every situation. Our lawyers will ensure you follow the right path to obtain the best results based on your specific circumstances.