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How Do Courts Relate To Parents With A Criminal Past?

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Do courts grant decision-making responsibility to parents with a criminal past? The Best Interest of the Child It is an unfortunate yet harsh reality that the criminal justice and family law systems sometimes go hand-in-hand. Specifically, parents with a criminal record often wish for parenting time with their children or decision-making responsibility on behalf of […]

Child Support Obligations For Parents Enrolled In School

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The Child Support Guidelines The Child Support Guidelines under the Family Law Act Child provide guidance in the governance of child support obligations in Ontario. Parents are often under-employed or unemployed despite child support obligations because they are enrolled in school. What are the support obligations for a parent who is enrolled in school, and […]

Parenting, Custody, And Covid-19. Parents Not Following Protocols


WHAT HAPPENS IF A PARENT DOES NOT ADHERE TO COVID-19 PROVINCIAL PROTOCOLS? Urgent Motions In serious circumstances, a parent can bring an urgent motion when there is an immediate danger to them or their children. In such a situation, detriment or harm could result without judicial intervention. The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for […]

Parent Access Schedules & COVID-19

Parent Access Schedules & COVID-19

What happens when a parent insists on changing the parent access schedule and on more time during the COVID-19 pandemic:  Medu v. Medu. Many parents are currently struggling with the disrupted access schedules in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. One parent may feel that the other is not exercising their access schedule appropriately and are […]

Seeking Child Custody and Access: A Non-Parents Guide

Seeking Child Custody and Access: A Non-Parents Guide

In exceptional circumstances, a parent may be unable to provide the requisite care for their child, and a non-parent may be given custody. Simply put, the authorized parent is not able to provide a contract to “transfer” said custody or access, but rather, the non-parent must make an application and apply to the court for […]