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Can I move out of the city with my children immediately upon separation.

Generally speaking, a parent is allowed to live where they wish with the children.

Following separation, it is common for at least one parent to relocate to relatives, like a brother, sister or parent. Often these parties live out of town, quite the distance from the current habitual residence of the children.

Aside from highly unusual circumstances, parents cannot be considered kidnappers of their children, and can relocate. T the main issue that arises is that by relocating it often effects the parenting time of the other parent.

Relocation and mobility is a complex and often litigious area of family law. It is particularly complex when the parents were both active and shared the children’s responsibilities before separation.  It is important to obtain legal advice before making unilateral decisions that can affect your future custodial writes.

If you are going through a separation, and relocation is an issue, feel free to call the Lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law for a phone to discuss this matter further.