Child Support
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Child Support Owing, Drivers License Suspended, Oh Oh!

Often individuals fall on hard times and fall behind on their child support or spousal support orders and extra- ordinary (section 7) expenses.

Support orders being enforced through the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) must be taken seriously, and there are grave consequences that can incur even if the payor falls modestly behind in his or her support obligations.

Once a payor falls behind in a support obligation, the payor will receive correspondence from the Family Responsibility Office warning that there are support arrears.

If a payor fails to make his support account up to date after this initial letter, the Family Responsibility Office will often notify the payor that the payor’s license may be suspended. When this occurs, payors ought to act fast to ensure that the Family Responsibility Offices does not take further enforcement procedures which an include the cancelation of a passport and even jail!

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